Community Magazine, June 2016 Issue: “Local Doctor on a Mission to REVAMP HEALTHCARE”

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.22.25 PMDr. Robert Dennis of Oceanport, formally of Fair Haven, in practice for over 40 years in Monmouth County, has spent the last five years researching from the bottom up, on how to reform Healthcare, make It better and more cost effective for the Patient. As a former Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Jersey Shore Medical Center, attending physician in numerous area hospitals, an Inventor of various medical devices, a Treating Physician, a Forensic Orthopedic Specialist, co-founder of Save our Shores, an Independent Board Certified Medical Examiner, and more- he has plenty to keep him occupied, but decided a few years ago, that he needed to find a way to simplify and help the patient get better care at a more reasonable cost.

This huge undertaking has recently involved writing a self-published book on the subject, “The Informed Health Plan Act of 2017”, which outlines a feasible re-work of the healthcare delivery system in America. With no political affiliations, completely self-funded, this is a massive undertaking! After dedicating his life to medicine, he is now taking on the legislators to attempt to change the entire system of doctors, hospitals, billing, government and insurance companies to make the patient the main priority.

The wide sweeping developments in the U.S. healthcare system are what compelled Dr. Dennis to author in its entirety. This proposal refutes the assumption that the American consumers are too stupid and incapable of actively participating in their own medical decisions. Dr. Dennis is convinced that the exact opposite is true. This work is a testament to that truth. If adopted, this proposal will harness individuals proven capabilities to assess value and quality in the deployment of their healthcare dollar just as they do in every other interaction.

This normally, private. well respected doctor has now put himself out there on Facebook. Linkedln. Twitter, Google+ and Instagram for the world to see – quite a transformation! For more information. visit or email [email protected].

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