Have your health insurance costs increased over the last 6 years since Obamacare?

What about your deductibles?  Your co-pays?  All of these have increased our costs and they continue to go up each year.  As a doctor and consumer/patient, I am tired of  having my costs increased considerably each year.  It is the insurance companies and pharma companies making the money and spending a LOT of it on wasted administrative paperwork. Paperwork that can and should be eliminated.  Paperwork full of denials and restricting of tests and second opinions, that might be helpful to the patient.

My plan, The Informed Health Plan Act, totally changes how healthcare is delivered and administered.  It involved the patient.  It reduces costs. It simplifies healthcare into two categories: Critical and Elective.  Have Cancer or Heart Disease, no need to worry about deductibles, co-pays, etc., all will be covered. These are considered critical issues.

Elective care is everything else – anything that can wait or not limb or life threatening.  Read Chapter 7 for the full details.

Copies of the book have been sent to over 400 legislators in Washington.  We are following up to ensure they read and understand how this new, innovative plan can help all of us!

Now the hard part begins, we need your help here. Let your legislators know you are behind a revision to Obamacare.  Convince them we need to make changes to how healthcare is administered.  If you read thru the book, you will see how many layers of paperwork and administration can be eliminated, resulting in drastic cost savings to us and the entire system.

Have connections with any Newscasters or politicians?  We will send them the book with your recommendation.  Contact us at [email protected].  Help us get this plan known to everyone and keep our grassroots movement going!  Follow and LIKE us on all the social media platforms.  Help us get the word out with sharing our plan with your connections. You can easily download the book or buy it on Amazon:  www.informedhealthplan.com/book

Let’s get this broken healthcare system revised and fixed now!  Thanks for your interest & support!

Dr. Robert Dennis
[email protected]