“Actions” are Louder Than Words

Want to help revise the health care system here in the US?  Well it starts with one simple step!  Get behind my efforts to have your Candidates and Legislatures read the Informed Health Plan Act of 2017 Book.  Available in paperback and on Kindle, via Amazon, this book outlines, in detail, a simple, cost effective way to revamp and revise our current broken system.

We, the consumer, are the ones that suffer with high insurance premiums, changing plans, limit to doctors and all kinds of issues to try and get quality health care.  We have the tools and the capability of delivering the BEST health care in the world, we just need to change how it is structured today.  My book explains how this can be done.

I hope you will purchase it so that I can send it onto your legislatures in Washington to convince them that change is needed NOW!  For each book that is purchased, I will send one to the legislature of your choice.

Robert Dennis, MD,[email protected]