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Dr. Dennis Introduces The Informed Health Plan Act of 2017
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“Actions” are Louder Than Words


Parties on all sides of the issue crafted the plan: patients, providers, hospital administrators, health insurance companies, malpractice attorneys and government officials. The plan seeks to empower and reconnect patients to understanding the cost of health care while bringing transparency to the industry and providing for those who can’t afford to pay. It’s a plan that benefits everyone.

A quick overview of the plan’s tenets include:

  • Reconnecting patients with their money and the cost of care
  • Allowing the free market to bring down prices
  • Creating meaningful competition among providers
  • Allowing patients to have choice in shopping for health care
  • Providing mechanisms for real transparency
  • Looking out for those who can’t afford health care

The stakeholders who participate in this plan:

Consumer  Providers  Insurance Co.  Government  Hospitals  Attorneys